About Us


The vision of FEI Colorado is to be the leading organization for financial executives in Colorado. We seek individuals who are leaders in their own organizations, to participate in and promote the activities and reputation of FEI Colorado.


To implement our vision, we support the personal and professional development of our members through:

  • Monthly meetings – We hold nine monthly meetings year round ( except for December, July and August). These feature CPE sessions developed in conjunction with our strategic partners, dinner and a speaker who is normally the CEO of a local company with an interesting story to share. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity for our members to meet and network with their peers at other organizations.

  • Career management - For members in transition or seeking new opportunities, we sponsor an Executive in Transition program. We also provide job postings and recruiter information on our website.

  • Business Breakfast meetings - We offer bi-monthly meetings that offer the opportunity to network with other professionals in a friendly, informal atmosphere while learning more about timely business issues.

  • Joint events - We participate in joint events with organizations such as FEI-SIM.

  • Scholarships- The chapter has a program for awarding scholarships each year to outstanding students in accounting and finance at Colorado universities.

  • Communications - We maintain a website which provides useful information to members, such as a membership directory and a schedule of interesting upcoming events.

  • Speakers’ bureau – The chapter is developing a speakers’ bureau of members who will provide programs to other organizations on financial issues of general interest to the community.


Code of Ethics- FEI Colorado supports the FEI Code of Ethics. The code requires members to:

Act with honesty and integrity, provide constituents with

accurate, complete information; comply with all applicable rules and regulations, act in good faith, respect confidentiality, share knowledge and maintain skills, actively promote ethical behavior, maintain proper use and control of assets and resources and report known or suspected violations of the code in accordance with FEI Rules of Procedure.

Diversity & Inclusion- FEI Colorado seeks to broaden the chapter and strengthen its leadership by embracing diversity of gender and race and seeking diversity of thought, experience, background and point of view among our members.