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Accountability in the Ecosystem: Third-Party Risk Management

May 28, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Accountability in the Ecosystem: Third-Party Risk Management

During the pandemic, organizations that are reliant on vendors to perform valuable key functions or supply essential goods are seeing uncertainty and volatility. The “trust-but-verify” model becomes more complex as third parties become unavailable or are out of business. Considering these challenges, how do organizations effectively manage their third-party ecosystem? Is your organization equipped to answer tough questions about exposing sensitive data to third parties? Has your organization quantified the overall risk that is associated with third-party access to ‘crown jewel’ data assets and systems? 

This webinar will discuss practical ways to tackle these complex and daunting challenges. We will show how organizations big and small have used fundamentals and innovation to triage and prioritize their third-party partners based on risk, and step through several real-life examples demonstrating industry-leading practices.  

Following this webinar, you’ll have the necessary tools and knowledge to: 

  • Justify executive support in tackling third-party risk at your organization in spite of COVID-related budget constraints
  • Apply industry-leading methodologies and practices to your organization based on right-fit and the new post-pandemic economic reality
  • Employ ongoing monitoring practices into your third-party risk program


1 CPE Credit provided by Robert Half/Protiviti 

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